How To Give Your Child the Tools to Succeed

One way to explain why loud noises are more alarming to toddlers than to adults is because toddlers ears are better at picking up high frequency sounds than adults ears. Three out of four children experience some kind of sleep related problem before the age of five. Besides the educational benefits of a preschool, many

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These Five Facts Will Help To Show You The Importance Of Child Care

a study that was done on children in Chicago that came from low income households found that the ones who attended preschool were almost 30 percent less likely to wind up developing problems involving drug or alcohol abuse or get thrown in jail versus those who did not have preschool style child care. Even though

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At some point or another, most parents will leave their child in the care of another person. However, this isn’t always easy and choosing child care for your child, such as day care Norwalk CT or preschool Norwalk CT, is perhaps one of the most important choice you will ever make as a parent, especially